Our farm is located in Ceresole d’Alba which is part of a vast plateau of clayey lands, which extends from the Roero to the Po plain: the Terre Rosse del Pian alto di Poirino. Difficult lands and scarce of water, so much so that once we were called “i rasatà”, that is to say the parched.
For this reason, each peasant family had a fishpond (“tampa” in the Piedmontese dialect) on their farm to collect rainwater, which was then used to water the cattle, irrigate the fields and do the laundry. In these ponds, tenches have always been bred, which here are distinguished by their golden color.
They have always been the real Ceresolese specialty, capable of attracting, at the beginning of September, on the occasion of the village festival, many foreign gourmets to whom the local restaurants offer it both fried and soaked.
In the 1950s, with the drilling of wells, the fish ponds lost their usefulness, many were abandoned and so was the tench farming. In 1994, having prevented the opening of the Tenuta Palermo landfill, in front of that huge hole that should have collected waste, with a serious risk of pollution of the underlying aquifers, I thought, by contrast, of the many “tampe” scattered throughout our territory, born once at the service, and not at the expense of agriculture and the territory.
So it was that I decided to restart and strengthen tench farming in the Cascina Italia fish ponds where today, alongside the fish farm, we have also started our processing laboratory.
Since the beginning of 2000 the Tench of Ceresole d’Alba has become a slow food presidium, to date we transform various types of products, from cold-smoked pre-sliced ​​tench, smoked tench to “Tinca di Grace” hemp, hot smoked tench, tench into carpione, tench sauce.
Beyond Tench, our company has expanded by adding new products such as Anguilla le Rane and Salmerini.
Eel such as Tench can be found hot smoked or soaked while frogs and char are only fresh gutted.

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