Our story is a tale of two friends born and raised in Custoza, united by a strong passion for the cultivation of the land. The feeling that unites them is the love for tradition and the territory.
Motivated by this spirit, in 2006 they chose, almost for fun, to grow their first 1000 Custoza Broccoletto plants.
Since then they have increased their production every year, giving birth in 2015 to the “Quei Mille” farm in memory of their carefree beginning.

The Quei Mille company today collects an important agricultural heritage and, in addition to the sale of the fresh product, is dedicated to the preservation of the Custoza Broccoli offering tasty recipes: broccoli in oil, pesto and sweet and sour hearts and finally a rice preparation and dried broccoli, to bring the vegetable to your table all year round.

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